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  • Court Fees & Fee Waiver - Alaska Supreme Court

    Note: There are other fees associated with appealing a case. Fee Waiver. If you cannot afford the fee, you may be eligible for a fee waiver. To ask the judge to waive ...

  • Home Page - Alaska Court System

    The mission of the Alaska Court System is to provide an accessible and impartial forum for the just resolution of all cases that come before it, and to decide such ...

  • Alaska Trial Courts - Alaska Supreme Court

    A complete list of Alaska Court System contact information is available on our website. Most court files are available for public inspection.

  • Forms, Instructions & Publications: By Number

    Attorney Fees Billing Form : ADM-122 (9/10) ... The Alaska Court System Forms Catalog and Local Forms Catalog list all the forms produced by the Administrative Office ...

  • Alaska Court System Resources

    Court information, including links to the court directory, FAQ, juror information, job announcements, law library information and transcriber information

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