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  • Ambulance services |

    When you get ambulance services in a non-emergency situation, and the ambulance company believes that Medicare may not pay for your particular ambulance service, it ...

  • ODPS | Emergency Medical Services

    The Division of Emergency Medical Services is responsible for the education, certification and investigation of all emergency medical service and fire service ...

  • Home | NHTSA EMS

    EMS is an intricate system; each component performs an essential role to provide a coordinated and seamless response to every emergency situation.

  • Ambulance Billing

    The City of St. Charles Fire Department operates an Advanced Life Support (ALS) emergency medical service for its residents and visitors. The fire department has fire ...

  • EMS Safety Initiatives | NHTSA

    The NHTSA Office of EMS is committed to improving the safety of EMS workers, their patients, and their community. A safe and efficient EMS system is integral to ...

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