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  • Summary of Special Sanctions for Exceeding the Speed Limit in ...

    AR . An additional fine, which is equal to all of the other fines, is imposed for exceeding the posted speed limit in a highway work zone when ...

  • Highway Safety Desk Book - NHTSA

    ... Fairfax County, Virginia, Police Department; Lt. Colonel ... Saturation enforcement and the issuance of traffic tickets have traditionally been the primary means ...

  • DOT HS 809 899 - NHTSA

    ... increased observed safety belt use among teen drivers in high school parking ... and the Holt County Citizens for Safe Driving ... program in Arkansas ...

  • DOT HS 809 854, March 2005 - NHTSA

    B. Jacksonville/Duval County, Florida. ... bicycle helmets and bike safety in the parking lot of ... a bicycle helmet and the bookmark was a ticket for a ...

  • Examination of DWI Conviction Rate Procedures

    ... the person accused signs a ticket at the scene or receives an ... The County has handled some pending ... Circleville/Parking County Project. Year. Violations.

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