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    Search Arkansas government agencies and get location information and links to online services offered by The ... Jobs. Pages. Close. ... Polk County. Back to Agencies.

  • - County and Municipal Information ...

    Polk County. Polk County was formed in 1844, ... is provided through a partnership of INA and the Arkansas Municipal League

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    Arkansas Works can help find the right job for you. ... your answers will help narrow the search results and will display current job ... What county do you live ...

  • Missouri State Highway Patrol - Arrest Report Details

    POLK COUNTY JAIL: BONDABLE: Print Arrest Report Details (Printer Friendly) Highway Patrol Links: Privacy Policy - Contact Us - FAQ's - Home - Jobs ...

  • list of Arkansas government agencies

    Search Arkansas government agencies and get location information and links to online services offered by The ... Jobs. Pages. Close. ... Polk County; Pollard, ...

Employment and Training Administration - Workforce Professionals - What's New in Workforce Investment

  • Current Population Survey: BLS Seeks to Add Questions on Certifications and Licensure; Seeks Comments by September 15

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics has announced it is seeking Office of Management and Budget approval for revisions to the Current Population Survey. BLS notes, in part:

    The CPS questionnaire has been revised to add three questions on certification/licensure and remove three questions on educational attainment to avoid increasing the cost of the CPS and to limit the increase in respondent burden. These proposed changes would be permanent changes to the survey.

    Certification/licensure is a topic that aligns closely with the CPS goal of collecting information about factors that impact labor market success, and it is a topic of interest to researchers and policy makers. The three additional questions will identify whether respondents have a currently active professional certification or license; whether any of those credentials were issued by the Federal, State, or local government; and whether the credential is required for an individual`s main job.

    The July 17 FEDERAL REGISTER provides the BLS preamble statement on the CPS, addresses the education attainment item that are proposed for excision, summarizes the burden hour estimates, and describes the desired focus for public comment.

  • Trade Adjustment Assistance Funding: ETA Identifies the FY 2014 Second Distribution Amounts to State Workforce Agencies/Cooperating State Agencies

    The Employment and Training Administration has issued Training and Employment Guidance Letter 01-14. The purpose of this advisory is to assist State Workforce Agencies or agencies designated by Governors as "Cooperating State Agencies" in administering the TAA program by:

    identifying the FY 2014 Second Distribution amounts to states and describing the formula methodology the Department of used to calculate these amounts

    describing the process for states to request TAA program reserve funds for training, employment and case management services, job search allowances, relocation allowances, and related state administration.

  • ETA Publishes Strategies for Using Workforce Investment Act Youth Formula Funds to Serve Court-Involved Youth and Youth At-Risk of Offending

    The WIA Youth Formula Program provides funds to state and local areas to serve low-income youth ages 14 to 21 who face barriers to employment. The purpose of Training and Employment Notice 01-14 is two-fold: to provide examples of strategies that may prove useful for WIA programs that serve court-involved youth and youth at-risk of offending, and to offer points to keep in mind in designing and operating programs for this population.

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