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  • How to Buy a Boat | eHow

    How to Buy a Boat. Few things equal the fun of getting out on a body of water and being captain of your own vessel, whether it is a dinghy or yacht. This brief guide ...

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    How to Buy a Used Boat. Some of the best buys for waterborne craft may come from the used boat market. Here are some general guidelines to keep your head above water.

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    If you're looking for a boat with the longest possible life span, buy it new. Other People Are Reading How to Buy a Boat From a Dealer How to Negotiate Boat Prices ...

  • How to Buy a Boat Trailer | eHow

    Once you've purchased a boat, you'll need to buy a boat trailer. Not only is a boat trailer necessary for transporting your boat, but it also makes storage much ...

  • How to Buy Used Boats in Florida | eHow

    How to Buy Used Boats in Florida. Florida offers many benefits to a boat buyer. A four-season boating year makes looking for a boat easier than in areas where water ...

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