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  • A Father's Rights in California - eHow | How to Videos ...

    A father's rights in California are closely tied to paternity and child ... which can become increasingly significant during divorce or separation, help ...

  • California Paternity Laws | eHow

    ... child support is determined as part of their divorce settlement. ... Paternity in California is defined as the process that determines the legal father of a child.

  • California Law on Paternity Tests | eHow

    ... New California Paternity Laws ... Male Escort Laws in California; California Male Divorce Tips; ehow.com © 1999-2014 Demand Media, Inc. About eHow; eHow UK; ...

  • Paternity Law | Family Law | Page 2 | eHow

    Some children are separated from their fathers through divorce, ... In California, paternity is determined through genetic testing or voluntary acknowledgment of ...

  • Paternity Law | Family Law | eHow

    ... find useful info on Paternity Law on eHow. ... If you're a father going through a divorce or custody battle in Austin, ... Declarations of Paternity in California.

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