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    CALIFORNIA Other: I. Traffic Violation Points.11 An offender is assessed 1 point on their driving record. Veh. Code '12810(e) II. Special State/County Penalties ...

  • A Trend Analysis of Traffic Law Enforcement in the United States

    provide data on moving traffic violation citations were identified and recruited to participate in ... California Highway Patrol Traffic-Related Labor Hours, 1994-1999

  • Traffic Records | National Highway Traffic Safety ...

    The Traffic Records Team is tasked with helping states improve their traffic safety data collection, management, and analysis capabilities through evaluation, ...


    This chapter summarizes California State statutes related to speed. ... Traffic Violation Points. 10 An offender is assessed 2 points on their driving record.

  • Trend Analyses Of Traffic Law Enforcement

    California Highway Patrol, ... There is, however, an overall declining trend in the number of citations being issued for all types of traffic violations combined.

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Traffic Violations California -

Traffic Violations California -

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