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  • Child Safety: MedlinePlus - U.S. National Library of Medicine

    As parents, we want to keep our children safe from harm. Take steps to keep your children safe: Install the right child safety seat in your car Teach children how to ...

  • Child Safety

    Child Safety. National organizations that provide information on keeping kids safe in the home and in their communities. Children's Safety Network

  • Child Safety - New York City

    Report of the Interagency Task Force on Child Welfare and Safety; Safe Kids New York City (PDF): A newsletter by a coalition of educators, health care professionals ...

  • FBI — Kids Safety

    Get a Job! FBI Fun and Games! Get FBI Updates Home • Fun & Games • Kids • Kids Safety

  • Parents Central | Keeping Kids Safe | NHTSA

    This downloadable brochure is designed to equip you with easy-to-uunderstand information about today's vehicle safety features, car seats and how to keep your kids ...

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