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  • minnesota history?

    Where can i find infomation on when Minnesota was founded and by whom,if there were any important events that took place in it,what year it was adopted as a state and what number it is?

  • Starting a VERY small bakery business?

    I want to start a small side business selling cookies to local grocery stores, and I am wondering how to go about it. I live in Minnesota and want to know where to go for information on the legal asp... (see more)

  • Dog Sledding Tours Minnesota/ Southern Canada?

    I am looking into a career with dogs and i thought mushing or a dog training that teaches dog sledding would be a good match. I've been to Alberta for a dog sledding tour but i want to maybe intern wi... (see more)

  • How is the weather in Minnesota ? Is it affecting the mail?

    I ordered something from amazon on the 27 of December and still hasn't came. The seller is from Minnesota. Is there a blizzard going on over there that they can't ship anything .

  • Prenatal massage in MINNESOTA?

    Is there anywhere in the Twin Cities area of MN that i could get a prenatal massage for little to no money? I have been having the most severe pains in my back and legs and i really need a massage but... (see more)

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