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  • Connecticut and Federal Business Taxes?

    For my marketing class in High School, I need to create a fake business and determine budgets and costs. If I were to open a dog grooming center in Vernon, CT, how much would i be paying in state and... (see more)

  • Connecticut Tax Guru Needed?

    Hello Everyone, I opened a single member LLC last July in 2008 for a home business and did not have any income at all, I was busy with my real job. I filed a 1040 C for myself with the IRS (Federal) ... (see more)

  • Calculating Business Taxes?

    Hi, Does anyone know if there is a site that helps you calculate how much and what taxes you will owe for Connecticut. I have to start a fake business for my class and want to include taxes in my bal... (see more)

  • Sales Tax: Business located in Connecticut, customer is resident of New York?

    1. Customer buys product from business located in CT. Customer does not travel into CT. 2. Business ships product to consumer in NY. 3. Which state is the business responsible to for collecting and... (see more)

  • is tax free?

    if is not can anyone tell me another website where they sell marvel, DC , transformer shirts etc.. online (if possible tax free)

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