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Continuances Information from the Government

  • Continuances - Traffic Court

    Continuances : A continuance may be requested when a party needs additional time to appear on a matter or comply with a court order. The prosecution, the defense or ...

  • Rule 065 -- Continuances - Missouri

    Rule 065 -- Continuances. Rule 066 -- Consolidation of Civil Actions and Separate Trial. Rule 067 -- Dismissal of Civil Actions. Rule 068 -- Masters and Receivers.

  • CONTINUANCES - Office of the Ohio Public Defender

    Franklin County Criminal Law Casebook Reproduced with permission from Allen V. Adair and the Franklin County Public Defender Office. CONTINUANCES (158)

  • Continuance Policy for Civil Jury & Court Trials

    Two continuances may be granted by the scheduling clerk with consent of all parties and for good cause shown. Before a continuance is granted, ...


    Continuances.1 Continuances may be granted by submission of a proposed consent order of continuance or by requesting such continuance by facsimile at 803-253-3464 ...

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