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  • Murder Question..please help?

    What is the "boy in the box murder" murder? I mean what happened?

  • Which topic for my essay?

    So for English class, we were given the topic of something that intrigues us and we have to write about it. I really didn't have to ponder very hard to come to the conclusion that I wanted to do my es... (see more)

  • How can imake this essay a little less "Smart"?

    I need to make this essay a little more dumb. Haha. I also need the scenteces to be revised a little. Please help me with this? i have no idea how. i'm desperate): Thanks(: Mr. Smith, Here's my rep... (see more)

  • Help with this essay?

    I was supposed to make this a who what when where and why essay, which I didn't know when I wrote it. I have an hour to get it done, or I'm out of basketball. Please help. Could someone please write i... (see more)

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