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  • New Residential Sales > New vs Existing - Census

    New Home Sales vs. Existing Home Sales. New home sales and existing home sales are released each month at about the same time. Many comparisons are made between the ...


  • Existing Home Sales by State - Census

    Existing Home Sales by State: 2000 to 2010 SYMBOL For more information: Source: NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS, Washington, DC, Real Estate Outlook; Market Trends & ...


  • New Residential Sales - Census

    US Census Bureau New Residential Sales website ... Comparing New Home Sales and Existing Home Sales; ... Manufactured Homes Survey;


  • New Residential Sales > Historical Data - Census

    New Residential Sales Historical Data. ... The Survey of Construction does not collect sales information for multifamily buildings or for existing homes. Total (Excel)


  • new-home sales - Census.gov

    Preliminary new home sales figures are subject to revision due to the survey methodology and definitions used. The survey is primarily based on a sample


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