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Employment and Training Administration - Workforce Professionals - What's New in Workforce Investment

  • ETA Issues Additional Planning Guidance for FY 2015 Unemployment Insurance State Quality Service Plan; Emphasizes Reemployment of Claimants

    The Employment and Training Administration has issued Unemployment Insurance Program Letter 21-14 -- Additional Planning Guidance for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2015 Unemployment Insurance (UI) State Quality Service Plan (SQSP). The UIPL notes, in part:

    Reemployment of UI Claimants

    Reemployment of UI claimants remains a top priority for the entire workforce system, including UI. The UI program is one of the required programs in the one-stop delivery system under the WIA and must work collaboratively with workforce system programs to fully connect UI claimants to the full range of reemployment services delivered through American Job Centers, online, and through rapid response.

    Through initiatives such as Reemployment and Eligibility Assessments and ETA`s more recent work with five pilot states implementing strategies to achieve improved UI connectivity with the public workforce system and improved reemployment service delivery strategies, states are encouraged to continue to make progress in this area. ETA will focus significant technical assistance resources this year to leverage the work of the five pilot states and to support the next wave of states to implement enhanced reemployment strategies for UI claimants. ETA will also continue to work with states that have Reemployment and Eligibility Assessment grants to identify and share "best practices" and develop a more uniform national assessment program.

    ETA is particularly interested in strategies that use data to better target reemployment services and more quickly and precisely connect UI beneficiaries to job opportunities and/or services that will speed their return to employment.

    As states develop their SQSPs, they should consider including innovative and robust reemployment strategies that are jointly developed in collaboration with workforce system partners, including the WIA Adult and Dislocated Worker programs and the Wagner-Peyser funded Employment Service program. These strategies may include:

    Developing intake processes that produce a more complete profile on UI claimants so that they can be targeted more efficiently with reemployment services and job referrals;

    Connecting UI claimants as quickly as possible to the public labor exchange systems so that they can start receiving job referrals immediately; and

    Using ongoing risk assessment to determine whether UI claimants are having a difficult time finding a job and require additional services.

    ETA recommends that UI program staff collaborate with these partners to ensure the strategies reflect the agreement(s) made and are documented in each partner`s strategic plan.

  • ETA Publishes Guidance to Formalize Trade Adjustment Assistance Data Integrity as Required Component of Submitted Quarterly Reporting

    The Employment and Training Administration has published Training and Employment Guidance Letter (TEGL) 04-14. The purpose of this document is the formalization of Trade Adjustment Assistance Data Integrity as a required component of quarterly reporting submitted by State Workforce Agencies or agencies designated by Governors as "Cooperating State Agencies" and to establish procedures for corrective action by the Department of Labor in the event of non-compliance.

    The "Background" section of the TEGL provides an overview of the Trade Activity Participant Report (TAPR), the TAPR Edit Checks and TAA Data Element Validation, and the TAA Date Integrity Pilot.

    The TEGL presents the following sections:

    Trade Adjustment Assistance Data Integrity (TAADI) Policy and Description Performance Expectations TAADI Quarterly Report Cards TAADI Compliance Requirements and the Quarterly Timetable Annual Review and Corrective Action Plans

    Attachment A: Glossary of TAADI Terms Attachment B: TAADI Measure Specifications and Performance Targets (PDF) Attachment B: TAADI Measure Specifications and Performance Targets (Excel) Attachment C: TAADI Fiscal Measure Specifications Attachment D: TAADI Action Steps and Timetable

  • NGA Announces Support for 14 States in Aligning Education and Training Systems to the Needs of State Economies

    To further governors` efforts to align education and training systems to the needs of state economies, the National Governors Association (NGA) today announced support for 14 states -- Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Montana, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Virginia, Washington and West Virginia.

    Selected states will receive grants and opportunities to learn from one another, as well as technical assistance from the NGA Center for Best Practices and outside experts. The opportunity also will help selected states make progress within the following areas:

    Articulate and implement a strong vision connecting the education and training systems with the needs of the economy;

    Integrate and use education and workforce data to inform policy, track progress and measure success;

    Build industry and education partnerships; and

    Modify the use of resources and incentives to support attainment of the integrated vision. News Release

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