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  • So I have Jury Duty.?

    So guy's i have jury duty in march and i am so nervous what do i have to do in court and how long will it be. I live in Georgia

  • So i missed jury duty in Chatham County Georgia. . . ?

    I was called this morning and didn't show up. I'm a college student in this county, I voted here but I am not a resident. I am a resident of Oregon. I went home over the summer, came back to Savannah ... (see more)

  • jury duty in Georgia (military)?

    i'm in Oklahoma.... would state law still have me come all the way to georgia just for jury duty ? my state of residents is in georgia

  • Jury Duty Jurisdiction?

    Why did I receive a jury duty notice for another county? This county is close by but the courthouse is an hour away from my house. Can they do this? I thought you only had to serve for jury duty in yo... (see more)

  • Jury Duty Questions?

    I was summoned for jury duty(in Georgia), but I am a full time college student and cannot attend it. I'm 21 and it's my first time being summoned, so I sent in my juror information along with my lette... (see more)

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