Jury Duty in Henry County, GA

Jury Duty in Henry County, GA Information from the Government

  • Jury Division - Clayton County Government.

    ... you still are required to appear and serve on jury duty. Georgia Law does not excuse a person from jury duty based on ... Clayton County takes jury duty ...


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    jury service in Georgia's civil and criminal court system. In 2004, The Supreme Court Jury Composition Committee, chaired ... Court of Henry County. 2 ...


  • Grand Jury - Clayton County Government.

    ... be received by our office at least one week prior to your scheduled jury duty. ... Georgia Law does, however ... Jury functions independently from any county ...


  • Region Six Developmental Disabilities Providers

    ... Henry Clayton County Board of ... Henry Georgia Association for ... Diane Jones Henry Georgia Pines Community Service Board CA, ...


  • State_Court_Administration - Cobb County Government

    Judge Henry R. Thompson ... In 1964 the Georgia General Assembly created the Cobb County Civil and ... the State Court had 3,429 persons report for jury service.


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