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    Additional information on skills training is available from the Motorcycle Safety Foundation at the address on back page. BACKGROUND:

  • Motorcycles | National Highway Traffic Safety ...

    Statistics show that the percentage of intoxicated motorcycle riders in fatal crashes is greater ... Model National Standards For Entry-Level Motorcycle Rider Training;


    Motorcycle & Moped Safety Hawaii continued to experience a high num- ... training for the Maui and Kauai motorcycle training ranges during the first half of calendar

  • DOT HS 809 852, March 2005 - NHTSA

    Although Alaska, Arkansas, and Mississippi lack State-legislated motorcycle rider education, 1 motorcyclists in these States are not completely without rider training ...

  • DOT HS 809 852, March 2005 - NHTSA

    Rider Education Training Delivery. Months of instruction: January through December; Number of instruction sites: 5; Types of providers: The University of Hawaii ...

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Motorcycle Training Hawaii -

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