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  • Aggressive Driving and The Law: A Symposium

    ... and adjudication representatives to participate in an "Aggressive Driving and the Law ... Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois 321 North ... Cass County State ...

  • Decatur, Illinois - icsw.nhtsa.gov - /

    State Laws. Illinois has a zero tolerance law for persons under 21 years of age. ... She thinks the police in her county do an "exceptional" job handling DUI cases.

  • Examination of DWI Conviction Rate Procedures

    ... Rockdale County DUI Systems Flowchart. ... PPG Industries, Thomson Consumer Electronics, and Owens Illinois. ... state, and county) through the Traffic Law ...

  • Impaired Driving | National Highway Traffic Safety ...

    ... (DUI), including first time DUI offenders. At the time the law was passed, ... State Laws and Practices for BAC Testing and Reporting Drivers Involved in Fatal ...

  • DOT HS 809 815 - NHTSA

    ... and to lower the Administrative Per Se law to 0.08 as well. CO ... DUI Law Revision Committee should continue to review ... allowed by IL law ...

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