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    nighttime DUI injury crashes by 17%. ... Primary Safety Belt Law: Passage of a primary safety belt law in Illinois would allow law enforcement to stop and

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    State Laws. Illinois has a zero tolerance law for persons under 21 years of age. ... She thinks the police in her county do an "exceptional" job handling DUI cases.

  • Examination of DWI Conviction Rate Procedures

    ... Rockdale County DUI Systems Flowchart. ... PPG Industries, Thomson Consumer Electronics, and Owens Illinois. ... state, and county) through the Traffic Law ...

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    Multi-Agency/Jurisdiction DUI Law Enforcement Efforts ... IL - ** All law enforcement officers should be trained in the ... - ** Re-establish funding for county DUI ...

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    This digest reports the status of State laws that are concerned with impaired driving offenses and ... Citizen Reporting of DUI; Implementing a Citizen’s DWI ...

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