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  • U.S. Courts: Juror Pay - United States Courts

    Juror Pay; Juror Scams; National eJuror Program; ... You should check whether your company or employer has a policy for employees serving on jury duty. Grand Jury.


  • Hamilton County, Indiana / Jury Duty

    Jury Duty. JUROR AFFIDAVIT FOR DEFERRAL - pdf form. JUROR QUALIFICATION QUESTIONNAIRE - Submit Online. JUROR ORIENTATION VIDEO: Indiana Jury Service: Duty, Privilege ...


  • Frequently Asked Questions - Indianapolis

    Do you pay for parking? 1. Do ... Am I paid for being a juror? Jurors who appear for Jury Duty are paid $15.00 a day ... Currently Marion County is using Indiana ...


  • Marion County Indiana Jury Pool - Indianapolis

    Jury Video - Click on this link to watch a video on serving as a Juror in Marion County, Indiana. Jury duty touches the lives of thousands of Marion County and City ...


  • courts.IN.gov: Jury Service Information - Indiana

    Indiana Jury Service: Duty, Privilege, Honor. This video was produced in accordance with Jury Rule 11 to provide prospective jurors with an orientation prior to the ...


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