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  • Frequently Asked Questions - Indy

    ... Indiana 46204. Phone: (317 ... To find out if your Group Number is called to report for Jury Duty ... A person who fails to respond to a summons may be ordered by ...

  • Marion County Indiana Jury Pool - Indy

    ... Indiana. Jury duty touches the lives of thousands of Marion County and City ... This site is designed to answer many of these concerns and give you an ...

  • Frequently Asked Questions -- Jury Service | Southern ...

    If you are responding to the Federal Court Jury ... of Indiana, you are not exempt from jury ... have received a Summons to Appear for Jury Service ...

  • Indiana Jury Rules

    Indiana Rules of Court. Jury ... and summons. The jury administrator may send a ... will honestly answer any question asked of you during jury ...

  • Hamilton County, Indiana / Jury Duty

    JUROR ORIENTATION VIDEO: Indiana Jury Service: Duty, ... Licensed child care providers can be obtained from either or Child Care Answer at ...

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    Legal Forms; How to Answer a Summons Petition; X. Must See: Slide Shows. ... Once you answer the summons and petition, you... How to File an Answer to a Divorce Summons.

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    You May Also Like. What Is the Penalty for Missing Jury Duty in Pennsylvania? What Will Happen if You Miss Jury Duty? What Are the Duties of a Jury?

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    Jury duty is a civic responsibility and failure to respond to a jury summons can ... What Is the Difference Between a Summons and a Subpoena?; June 2008; Indiana ...

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    ... which is a written response to the complaint made against you, the defendant, ... How to Answer a Summons:... How to Address a Letter to a Court Concerning a Summons.

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    How to Answer a Court Summons. ... Summonses are used to call jurors for jury... How to Respond to a Summons from a Collection Agency.

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