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  • TORT REFORM - Iowa

    Legal Background Briefing • Page 2 of 4 • Legal Services Division Tort Law—Important Terms to Know Class Action - A mechanism through which

  • Iowa Code 669

    This chapter may be cited as the "Iowa Tort ... Any claim by an employee of the state which is covered by the Iowa workers' compensation law or the Iowa ...

  • Iowa Code 670

    "Tort" means every civil wrong which results in wrongful ... Any claim by an employee of the municipality which is covered by the Iowa workers' compensation law.

  • Iowa Attorney General, Tom Miller - – The Official ...

    Iowa Attorney General,Tom Miller,Iowa Department of Justice,Consumer Protection,Crime Victims,Working for Farmers

  • Iowa Code 613

    For Iowa court rules ... strict liability in tort or breach of implied warranty of merchantability ... or knowing violation of the law, ...

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  • How can I find information about Iowa Law?

    I am looking for information about the state of Iowas law concerning news media invasion of privacy and what common laws exist or tort laws?

  • Is it double jeopardy? Iowa laws?

    If someone was charged with Assault and Robbery could they be sued on a civil case or would it be double jeopardy? Also what torts play into this cases? Is their any Iowa Laws that this case could be... (see more)

  • can someone help me with this question? regarding law?

    1. If you were a defense attorney representing Taco Bell, what defense/argument might you use against Dion Raymond for not getting his chalupa and being stuck in the drive-through window? Drop the Cha... (see more)

  • Are booby traps on private RURAL property illegal?

    I mean if i live like 20-30 miles from the closest other people and the property is enclosed by a 10 foot fence with signs saying that the woods are trapped/private property whatever. If some idiot s... (see more)

  • Examples of a Bipartisan Obama?

    All presidential candidates, and government representatives for that matter, promise to work in a bipartisan manner to accomplish things. Rarely is this promise kept. Few members in government have ... (see more)

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