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  • Internships in London?

    Hi I'm 16 years old and I am taking my GED and leaving High School (I'm a Sophomore) ; I was wondering if their are any internships available for me abroad preferably in London, England. I currently l... (see more)

  • University of Kansas vs. University of Oklahoma?

    I got accepted to both of these excellent universities, but I'm having a hard time choosing one of them to go to. I'm going for petroleum engineering. Which one is better in the following (the ones ... (see more)

  • Internship at Mexican Consulate?

    I am an undergraduate student at a University in Kansas, looking to apply at a Mexican Consulate in Alaska for an internship. It would be during the Summer before my senior year. I was born in Mexico,... (see more)

  • Taxes on out-of-state internship?

    Hi, I am a graduate student in CA and I did a summer internship in DC. DC taxes were withheld from my DC salary. It appears that I do not need to file a DC return, since my perm residence is CA and I ... (see more)

  • Student or new college graduate looking for housing and work in New York City, NY?

    I have grown up in a small town in Kansas my whole life. I am getting ready to begin my college experience, but I have always dreamed of interning/working and living (at least for a while) in big cit... (see more)

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