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  • Divisions - Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt

    Kansas Attorney General's Website ... whenever possible and negotiates settlements under the Kansas Tort ... the request of local law enforcement agencies and at the ...


    75-6101 Chapter 75.--STATE DEPARTMENTS; PUBLIC OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES Article 61.--KANSAS TORT CLAIMS ACT 75-6101. Citation of act; claims to which act applicable ...

  • The Effects of Tort Reform: Evidence from the States

    Kansas, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, ... islation unifying tort laws across the country could reduce those costs. Uniform tort laws would also limit “venue

  • Session Law:L. 2002 ch. 046

    An Act concerning the Kansas tort claims act; relating to definitions; amending K.S.A. 2001 Supp. 75-6102 and repealing the existing section; also repealing K.S.A ...

  • K.S.A. 22-2401a - Kansas

    Body: 22-2401a. Jurisdiction; law enforcement officers; tribal law enforcement agency, liability insurance required, when; TAG and horsethief reservoir benefit ...

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