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  • Evaluation of Maine's Lower BAC Limit for Convicted OUI ...

    Maine was the first State to pass a lower BAC law for convicted DWI offenders. In 1988 Maine lowered its BAC limit for convicted OUI ...

  • DOT HS 809 827 - NHTSA

    The process evaluation sought to determine the effect of the State’s lower BAC law on the State’s DWI ... a conviction of DWI. We chose Maine as the ...

  • DOT HS 809 756 - NHTSA

    Testing in the remaining States follows the probable cause standards of any DWI investigation. ... if DWI . yes . Maine . 90 % . 90 % . 0 % . required in fatal . if ...

  • DOT HS 809 827 - NHTSA

    1 - Introduction This document is the final report of a project entitled “Evaluation of Lower BAC Limits for Convicted DWI Offenders.” The general objective ...

  • A Guide to Sentencing DWI Offenders 2005 HS 810 555

    The number of DWI offenders under some form of correctional supervision almost ... Augusta, Maine; Altoona, Pennsylvania; Gillette, Wyoming; and throughout ...

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