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  • Umbilical Cord Blood - Maryland

    By Maryland andlaw, a mother who donates Pleaseher baby’s cord blood for public use, may not be charged any fees for collecting, transporting,

  • MCH - cord_blood - Maryland

    Are There Public Cord Blood Banks in Maryland? ... uses for cord blood, donation and other options for umbilical cord blood storage. National Marrow Donor Program

  • Progress Toward Prevention of Transfusion-Transmitted ...

    Ibironke W. Apata, MD 1,2, Francisco Averhoff, MD 3, John Pitman, MS, ... HBV prevalence in blood donations (i.e., donations reactive for HBsAg), ...

  • NIH Clinical Center : Blood Donor Home Page

    Blood type needs change daily. If you are not sure of your next eligible donation date, please call the NIH Blood Bank at (301) 496-1048. All donors are ...

  • About the - Maryland DHMH

    GIVE my blood to the teenager who was pulled from the wreckage of his car, ... Maryland Anatomy Board's Body Donation Program Forfurther information, call or write:

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