Jury Duty in Massachusetts

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Jury Duty in Massachusetts Information from the Government

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts Jury Information - Mass.Gov

    Information regarding juror service and general information about the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Jury System


  • Serving Jury Duty in Massachusetts - Mass.Gov

    Massachusetts citizens may be summoned to serve trial jury duty or grand jury duty; will receive compensation and can request to postpone their service.


  • Massachusetts Jury System - Mass.Gov

    Massachusetts has a long and proud history of establishing and sustaining the jury system in the Commonwealth and the nation. In 1620, trial by jury was brought to ...


  • Grand Jury Service - Court System

    I’m scheduled to perform grand jury service. Does my employer have to pay me while I’m serving as a grand juror? Yes, for the first three days.


  • Trial Jurors - Court System

    Who serves on jury duty? To serve as a Massachusetts juror you must... be a citizen of the United States; be over 18 years of age; live in Massachusetts for more than ...


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