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  • Health Careers - Biomedical Engineer - Michigan

    JOB DUTIES . Biomedical Engineers ... Develop mathematical models and computer simulations of human ... Approximately 125 Biomedical Engineers are employed in Michigan.

  • Occupational Outlook - Michigan

    ... please contact your local Michigan Works! Office. For a listing of the nearest office, ... Job Outlook Data: Computer software engineers, systems software

  • Computer Hardware Engineers : Occupational Outlook ...

    ... with computer chips embedded in them such as household appliances, medical devices, or automobiles may lead to some job growth for computer hardware engineers. ...

  • MANUFACTURING - Michigan

    The Manufacturing cluster is a vital part of Michigan’s economy and economic history and future, providing over half of a million jobs in 2011.

  • Facilities Engineer - State of Michigan

    FACILITIES ENGINEER JOB DESCRIPTION ... Ability to use computers and available software to maintain records and prepare ... MICHIGAN DEPARTMENT OF CIVIL SERVICE

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