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  • Medical Conditions and Driving - NHTSA - Home | National ...

    that are chronic. Although there are likely to be other medical conditions that have the potential to adversely affect driving performance, those conditions may not


    Michigan State Police xii Office of Highway Safety Planning 10/20/2006 FY2007 OVERVIEW Scarce resources demand focused attention on core priorities.


    The 2007 Michigan Traffic Crash Facts report was released throughout the year as data sec ... Produced annual reports for OHSP, the Michigan Truck

  • AnnuAl EvAluAtion REpoRt

    Michigan Office Of highway Safety Planning 1 te Michigan Office of h highway Safety Planning is pleased to present its fy2012 anual luation Report. n eva this report ...

  • JURISDICTION: MICHIGAN - Home | National Highway Traffic ...

    If the street in the school zone has a sidewalk on at SPEED LAWS V - 117 - JURISDICTION: MICHIGAN This chapter summarizes Michigan State statutes related to speed.

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