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Train Schedule Michigan Information From the Government

  • MDOT - Rail and Public Transit - Michigan

    Amtrak; Michigan State Rail Plan A comprehensive plan for developing state policy for freight and passenger rail transportation, including commuter rail operations.

  • More Michigan AMTRAK Trains on Summer Schedule

    MORE MICHIGAN AMTRAK TRAINS ON SUMMER SCHEDULE . Sunday and Monday travel options added during service modified to accommodate track Improvements west of Kalamazoo

  • MDOT - Michigan's Rail System - SOM - State of Michigan

    Michigan's rail system has approximately 3600 miles of track, operated by 24 railroads. The system carries about 33% of all the state's freight tonnage.

  • MDOT - Amtrak - Michigan

    Amtrak Routes in Michigan Map ; Train and Schedule Information; Station Listing; Rail Passenger Statistics; Chicago-Detroit/Pontiac Passenger Rail Corridor Program;

  • MDOT - Passenger & Freight Rail - Michigan

    The Office of Rail works to ensure that Michigan's rail system meets the economic needs of the state and is safe for the motoring public, rail passengers and railroad ...

Train Schedule Michigan -

Train Schedule Michigan -

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