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  • MS Legislature

    The Legislature. The Mississippi Legislature is not in session. PDFs. Final Report of Corrections and Criminal Justice Task Force as created by House Bill 1231


  • Government Branches - Mississippi

    Mississippi Blue Book. The Mississippi Blue Book is a detailed report on state and local government, including details on districts and local represenatives, as well ...


  • Government - ms.gov

    Transparency Mississippi; State Employees ... government branches. Executive; Legislative; Judicial; More Government Branch Resources; military.


  • The Legislative Branch | The White House

    Established by Article I of the Constitution, the Legislative Branch consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate, which together form the United States ...


  • Branches of Government · House.gov - The United States ...

    The legislative branch is made up of the House and Senate, known collectively as the Congress. Among other powers, the legislative branch makes all laws, declares war ...


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