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  • Juvenile and Family Court Divisions - Missouri

    Juvenile and family courts are divisions of the circuit court that hear a variety of matters specific to the family, including juvenile matters related to delinquency ...


  • Circuit Courts - Missouri

    Missouri circuit courts are courts of original civil and criminal jurisdiction. That is, cases usually begin in the circuit court, which is where trials may occur.


  • Your Missouri Courts Home

    Full-text opinions, disposition of applications to transfer, writs, motions for rehearing and other matters, court docket summaries, judicial biographies, court ...


  • RSMO-Chapter 211 - Missouri General Assembly

    Juvenile court commissioner, appointment, where, term, compensation. 211.025. Judge may direct any case be heard by commissioner ... Missouri General Assembly ...


  • Missouri Juvenile Offender Classification System

    Missouri Juvenile Offender Classification System The Missouri Juvenile Offender Classification System represents Missouri's effort to create an objective based ...


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