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    IMPAIRED DRIVING IN MONTANA. Incidence of Impaired Driving. For one of every 140 miles driven in Montana in 2000, a person with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC ...

  • Intensive DWI Supervision in Urban Areas — Feasibility Study

    A driver with a prior conviction for driving while impaired (DWI) carries a higher risk of future DWI arrest, ... For Montana’s most populous county, ...

  • A Guide for Local Impaired-Driving Task Forces

    Louisiana; Gallatin County, Montana; Broome County, New York; Bexar County, ... Traffic Options Program for Driving While Intoxicated (STOP-DWI). The STOP-DWI

  • DOT HS 809 815 - NHTSA

    - ** Strict enforcement of DUI laws should be top ... enforcement personnel who are enforcing DUI laws. MT ... Report and Driving While Impaired forms should ...


    HORIZONTAL GAZE NYSTAGMUS: ... to testify about the HGN test results. 102 The Montana Supreme ... Development and Field Test of Psychophysical Tests for DWI ...

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