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  • fema death camps in nebraska?

    Im new to all of this stuff but I live outside Sioux Falls SD and i've herd rumors of these supposed FEMA death camps in north east Nebraska, im the type of person who wont beleieve it tell I see it. ... (see more)

  • is any1 on from pible bible junior hidh camp camp in nebraska?

    if so i'm the guy who dance to boom there it is on talent night

  • camping: anywhere i want?

    i want to go camping, but all the places i can think of are dinky rent a cabin or set up a tent by the road camping grounds, i want to go roughin it in the wilderness like bear grills, and dont want t... (see more)

  • What Marine boot camp will I go to?

    I'm 16 and I plan on joining the Marines when I get older. I live in Lincoln NE, and it's right in the middle of the US. Please don't tell me to go talk to a recruiter, because I will. But I can't unt... (see more)

  • good overnight volleyball camps?

    are there any good volleyball camps preferably in the midwest area that are for a 14 year old girl and overnight. it needs to be in the beginning of june or later july. thanks oh please add links ... (see more)

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