Open Burning Regulations in Nebraska

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  • Nebraska State Fire Marshal

    ... an Open Burn Permit and a Structure Burn Permit. These permits are issued by the state’s fire departments in accordance with state law. ...

  • Nebraska Legislature

    81-520.01. Statewide open burning ban; waiver; permit; fee. (1) There shall be a statewide open burning ban on all bonfires, outdoor rubbish fires, and fires for the ...

  • Nebraska Backyard Burning | Wastes | US EPA

    Provides links to backyard burning bans or open burning guidelines for the state of Nebraska. Jump to main content. ... State regulations on open burning; ...

  • InterLinc: LLCHD: Air Quality - Lincoln, Nebraska

    Open Burning; Open Burning Application and Regulations Download; Open Burning Permit Application CR #5069 - Lancaster County Open Burning Rules (Sections 12 & 13)

  • Title 129 Nebraska Air Quality Regulations Chapter 30

    recodification of the Nebraska rules. The rule was previously Chapter 15. A number of changes were made involving natural disasters and burning of

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