School Attendance and Truancy in Nebraska

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School Attendance and Truancy in Nebraska Information from the Government

  • Nebraska Legislature

    ... every person residing in a school district within the State of Nebraska who ... the attendance officer of any school in ... truancy from school ...

  • Nebraska Legislature

    The official site of the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature. ... Compulsory attendance; nonattendance; school district ... of section 43-247 and habitual truancy under ...

  • Truancy - Attendance Improvement (CA Dept of Education)

    This classification and referral helps emphasize the importance of school attendance ... Attorney General's 2013 Report on California's Elementary School Truancy ...

  • Exempt (Home) School Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs ...

    B1. What is the compulsory (mandatory) school attendance age in Nebraska? The compulsory school attendance law ... compulsory attendance (truancy) ...

  • Lancaster Human Services - Run Aways and Truancy

    The Run Response/Truancy Prevention is a group of professionals that address ... Increase the overall school attendance rate through ...

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