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  • FRB: How much U.S. currency is in circulation?

    How much U.S. currency is in circulation? There was approximately $1.27 trillion in circulation as of April 9, 2014, of which $1.23 trillion was in Federal ...

  • New Color of Money

    Latest News. 10.08.13 | The ... Sign up to receive e-mails from the U.S. Currency Education Program. ... When Will I Start to See the Redesigned $100 Note in Circulation?

  • FRB: Currency in Circulation: Volume - Federal Reserve System

    News & Events. Monetary Policy. Banking Information & Regulation. Payment Systems. Economic Research ... Currency in Circulation: Volume (in billions of ...

  • Denominations - United States Department of the Treasury

    What denominations of currency are in circulation today? Will any new denominations be ... What denominations of currency notes is the Treasury Department ...

  • - The History of U.S. Currency

    The first general circulation of paper money by the federal government occurred in 1861. ... the new currency will feature subtle background colors, ...

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