Juvenile Drug Court in New Mexico

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  • Juvenile Drug Court - First Judicial District Court

    State of New Mexico . First Judicial District Court. Santa Fe, Rio Arriba & Los Alamos Counties


  • Problem-Solving Courts - New Mexico Courts

    New Mexico Problem-Solving Courts use the collaborative treatment-based Drug Court model to work ... we include the four types of drug courts (Adult, Juvenile ...


  • Santa Fe County : Community Services : Teen Court

    ... New Mexico. Assessment ... All substance cases will have an assessment, drug testing, possible counseling, ... Teen Court is voluntary for teens ...


  • New Mexico Supreme Court

    Justice Barbara J. Vigil was elected to the New Mexico Supreme Court ... She was instrumental in the creation of Juvenile ... including the New Mexico Drug Court ...


  • Welcome to the NM Second District Court

    New Mexico Second District Court ... Juvenile DWI/Drug Court ... NEW Center for Self Help and Dispute Resolution SNAP Youth and Family


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    New York State Juvenile Laws. ... drug muling, drug abuse, and sex ... If convicted of the crime before the courts, the juvenile delinquent becomes a juvenile offender.

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