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  • Lesson 1: Walking Safely Near Traffic - NHTSA

    sidewalk or side of the street, and wearing bright-colored clothing. ... Then, we learned that crossing a parking lot is a lot like crossing a street or intersection.

  • DOT HS 809 668 - NHTSA

    trailer park. playing children run ... looked to rear on the sidewalk and street was clear, as backed up car was having trouble backing, driver got ...

  • Watching Out for Us! - NHTSA

    Walk on the sidewalk Whenthere’s no sidewalk, walk facing traffic. ... Restricting parking close to crosswalks providesbetter visibility for both

  • Lesson 1: Walking Safely Near Traffic - NHTSA

    ... the store, library, park, etc. • Walked without an adult • Walked with younger siblings: ... is the sidewalk next to the street and this is the actual street. As

  • Child Pedestrian Safety: Pre/Post Lesson Student ...

    Answers will vary: a. Walk on the sidewalk b. Walk on the left side c. Walk safely d ... Should be on the left side of the parking row, a few steps away from the ...

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