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Fastport passport is a registered courier service authorized by the US Department of State to expedite passports as quickly as 24 hours when you are traveling within 14 days.

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  • Does every card and passport have an RFID tracking chip?

    i heard they have chips on them so the gov. can track you in case anything happens. Thats why they want to eliminate cash so they can control you more. I saw on a video and alot of them have the chips... (see more)

  • Should i get a passport card?

    I plan on renewing my passport soon. Is it worth it to get a passport card also? My first trip will be to Canada. It's only $30 for 10 years, but I don't want to buy it if it doesn't provide any pract... (see more)

  • Do I need a passport card also?

    I just got my passport and I'll be applying for a Visa to China soon. But I may be going to Mexico later in the year also? Does my passport cover this? Do I need to get the passport card too? Or a V... (see more)

  • US Passport Card?

    Last time I was at the post office using my passport book as a id to get a package. The postal clerk told me I should get a passport card and I don't even have to pay $20. I don't understand how is ... (see more)

  • Do american passport cards have all the persons information on the card itself?

    I applied for a american passport card and i searched up pictures of the card and all it shows is a blank card. I want to know if all the information is on the card itself, or is the information acces... (see more)

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