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    Pay, Mileage & Meals Jurors receive nominal compensation for each day that they physically report for jury duty service, based upon rates established by the ...


  • U.S. Courts: Juror Pay - United States Courts

    Juror Pay; Juror Scams; National eJuror Program; ... You should check whether your company or employer has a policy for employees serving on jury duty. Grand Jury.


  • Frequently-Asked Questions - York

    Jury duty is an obligation required by law, ... Compensation is set by the Pennsylvania General Assembly. ... Who is eligible to serve on a jury?


  • Jury Service @ The Philadelphia Courts - First Judicial ...

    Jury Service is one of the highest duties of citizenship and it is an essential element of our democratic society. Citizens selected as jurors ...


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    Any juror who fails to report for jury duty and who is not excused ... me off for jury duty? Does my employer have to pay my wage ... of Pennsylvania consists ...


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