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  • Cicada Damage and Control - About

    Cicada Damage to Plants and Trees. ... Apply the cloth or screening as soon as cicadas emerge and leave it on for about a ... pesticide application is rarely practical.

  • How to Control Field Ant Population? - About

    Field ants feed primarily on honeydew from aphids, ... with a pesticide labeled for mound application of field ants. ... and tears or holes in screening. ...

  • Get Rid of Spiders in Your Home - About

    Control spiders in your home ... have no tears or holes in screening, ... Chemical Control of Spiders. A residual pesticide sprayed into under siding and into ...

  • IPM | Integrated Pest Management - About

    IPM, or integrated pest ... hand-picking, screening, trapping, weeding or tilling the soil ... it also does so safely and at lower cost than pesticide use and other ...

  • 10 Ways to Keep Cats Away From Yards (1-6)

    I'm often asked how to keep cats away from yards. The answer lies in cat repellents, whether by wire, water, or just plain understanding how feline pests think.

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