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  • How to Write a Sales Report | eHow

    Sales reports are documents businesspeople produce for use within the firm. A good sales report is brief and gives salespeople and managers up-to-date numbers.

  • What Is a Sales Analysis Report? | eHow

    A sales analysis report includes sales-related metrics, also called key performance indicators, for a specified time-period. Sales analysis reports provide a record ...

  • How to Write a Weekly Sales Report | eHow

    Use the weekly sales report to chronicle the salesperson’s activities for that week. Include a list of the major sales calls or visits made to customers.

  • How Do I Obtain a Business License in Pennsylvania? | eHow

    New businesses in Pennsylvania must get a business license from the county in which they will operate; the exception to this is home Internet business. The business ...

  • How to Report Sales Tax | eHow

    How to Report Sales Tax. Sales tax is the tax paid on retail sales, collected by a business owner or entity. When a business collects sales tax, the business must ...

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