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  • Sledding | - Hiking Trails, Mountain Bike ...

    Trek into nature with outdoor topics such as Sledding. Get the latest reviews, advice, and Sledding information for the best in outdoor instruction from

  • How to Make Sleds Faster |

    How to Make Sleds Faster. Sledding is a fun activity for cold, winter, snowy days---the thrill of riding the back of a fast sled down a steep hill exhilarates most ...

  • About Inuit Dog Sleds |

    About Inuit Dog Sleds. Though snowmobiles are currently used, many Inuit villages in Alaska, Greenland or Canada still use dog sleds today. For thousands of years ...

  • Snowshoeing & Sledding | is your guide to Snowshoeing & Sledding. Stay informed on the latest outdoor equipment, styles and techniques in Snowshoeing & Sledding.

  • History of the Dog Sled |

    History of the Dog Sled. Dog sledding, or the use of a team of harnessed dogs to pull a driver and sled across snow or ice, has been practiced for thousands of years.

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