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  • Ski racing speed??????

    About how fast does an olympic ski racer go? a) when leaving the start b) moving through gates (turning, etc.) c) at the fastest point of the course? approximations are cool

  • Speeding Ticket Skiing?

    I was Skiing with my school about a week ago in Italy and a man who was Skiing was stopped by this man, And we asked Our instructor What was happening, And She told us the man was getting a speeding ... (see more)

  • Top speed of 19ft ski boats with 5.7 V8?

    Knowing that your average runabout 20.5ft with a 4.3 V6 can go 42mph, I figured those little ski boats with the 5.7 V8 could go about 55+. I just researched the top speed of mastercraft 190s with the... (see more)

  • Fear of the Speed in Skiing?

    hi everyone! to start off i really, really love skiing. actually, i just started on saturday(the 13th) were i skied for the very first time.i enjoyed it, but i found myself going at a very slow pace. ... (see more)

  • Average speed while skiing?

    A girl goes up a ski lift at a speed of four MPH and skis down the slope at a speed of twenty-four MPH. If the ski slope is the same length as the ski lift and if we ignore any time spent at the top ... (see more)

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