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  • Do I need a fishing license?

    So I want to go fishing tomorrow, but I don't have a fishing license. I went to the store yesterday to buy one and they are $28 but they expire Aug 30. I don't want to pay $30 to fish for one month, i... (see more)

  • Fishing license in texas?

    if I have a fishing license can I take someone with me if they dont have a fishing license. just so I wont be alone,they are not going to fish. I just want to know are they allowed to be beside me? ... (see more)

  • Bow fishing in Texas now requires fishing license?

    My mom's husband told me the other day he saw someone being harassed by the game warden for bow fishing without a license. Though, the game warden (about a year or so ago) would walk right by me when... (see more)

  • How to get a fishing license in Texas?

    I just plan on going fishing for one day (I've never been) and apparently I need to get a license? How much will it cost? Is there like a temporary pass I can get? I want to pay as little as possible.... (see more)

  • Texas Fishing Information?

    Where can I fish without a license in Galveston Texas? And I'm looking to fish with my kids so where is a spot o fish for nothing to big?

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