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  • National Wildlife Refuges in Texas - Texas' Top National ...

    Texas is a state of diverse natural resources. Luckily, Texas is also a state with a strong state park system and numerous federal lands as well.

  • Texas Zoos

    Few people realize the quality of zoos found in Texas. From Brownsville's Gladys Porter Zoo on the Mexican border to the illustrious San Antonio Zoo to the one-of-a ...

  • Texas Zoos - Viewing Wildlife Up Close

    Texas is home to some of the top zoos in the nation. A visit to these zoos allows tourists to see both native wildlife, as well as exotic species imported from around ...

  • Wildlife of Texas Beaches Video - About.com

    Video: Wildlife of Texas Beaches with Gina Miller. Texas beaches are full of all kinds of wildlife, from sea animals to birds.

  • Texas Nature Trails - Viewing Texas Wildlife

    Texas has an amazing amount of plant, animal and bird life. Additionally, visitors to the Lone Star State have no shortage of options when it comes to choosing an ...

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