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Travel and recreation are vital to the nation´s economy and way of life. The government´s recognition of this can be confirmed in its protection of parks and forests, and in its array of travel tips and advisories.

Car travelers can find current updates on road conditions and Canadian and Mexican border wait times. The Department of Energy offers information on gas saving tips. And the National Scenic Byways Program provides suggestions on where to find the most scenic routes.

Air travelers have access to all sorts of government information, including the latest travel advisories from the Federal Aviation Administration, as well updates on what you can and cannot bring on a plane. The Aviation Consumer Protection Division even simplifies the complaint process for voicing air travel criticism.

The National Park Service offers information on each individual park, including camping reservations, hiking trails and wildlife. Boaters can access safety tips, nautical charts and fishing license information from a variety of government Web sites. And the National Register of Historic Places helps plot vacation stops.

And the government also provides detailed information for citizens traveling abroad, including currency exchange rates, entry and passport requirements and how to seek emergency assistance in the event of arrest or detention.

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