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  • FBI — Incidents and Offenses

    Hate crimes motivated by religious bias accounted for 1,409 offenses reported by law ... By victim type. When considering hate crime offenses by the type of victims ...


  • Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) - Hate Crime

    Crime Type | Hate Crime. Crime Type | Cybercrime. Crime Type | Identity Theft. ... Part of the Hate Crime Series: Hate Crimes Reported in NIBRS, ...


  • FBI — Hate Crimes

    A Victim Speaks Out: Nina Timani, a Muslim Arab American, was the victim of a hurtful hate crime. She decided to report it to the FBI, and she’s glad she did.


  • Hate Crime | CRS | Department of Justice

    Hate Crime Activity. When hate crimes threaten racial and ethnic relations or escalate ... about types of hate crimes and those who perpetrate such offenses.


  • Hate Crime - Crime in the United States 2004

    Those who developed the guidelines for hate crime data collection recognized that hate crimes ... Hate Crime Statistics. Table 2 ... types that the Program considers ...


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    There are many different types of crimes, ... With each type of crime also come different sociological phenomena and demographic profiles. Crimes Against Persons.

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    Crimes can be committed against persons or property, ... Hate Crime. Identity Theft. Isurance Fraud. ... Types of Criminal Offenses

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    Criminal cases involving hate crime. Criminal cases involving hate crime. ... Type 2 Diabetes; Weight Loss; ... Criminal Hate Cases

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    Find out what the crime of 'hate crime' is from the About.com Crime & Punishment site. ... Type 2 Diabetes; Weight Loss; ... Hate crimes can include physical assault, ...

  • Gay & Lesbian Hate Crime Articles, Information & Statistics

    Even though there is increased acceptance of gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual people, gay & lesbian hate crimes continue to rise. Learn how to protect yourself ...