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  • Charters | Utah State Parks

    Several parks have concession services which offers fishing and boating tours.

  • Fishing | Utah State Parks

    Most state parks are at or near great fishing spots. Cast a line at these lakes and reservoirs.

  • Activities | Utah State Parks

    Charters. Elec Motor Only. ... troll for trophy fish at Scofield or canoe at ... Utah has seven state park museums featuring collections on everything from dinosaurs ...

  • Ice Fishing | Utah State Parks

    Sharpen your auger blade, grab some bait and head out for a day of ice fishing. Whether you want to catch perch or try your lucky at tiger trout, there are many state ...

  • Utah Lake State Park | Utah State Parks

    Utah's largest freshwater lake provides fishing access for channel catfish, walleye, white bass, black bass, and several species of panfish. Spend an evening RV or ...

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